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StokerCon 2017

I am beyond pleased to announce that I will be a Guest of Honor at StokerCon 2017, where you will find me wide-eyed in awe of my fellow guests: George RR Martin, Elizabeth Hand, Chuck Wendig, and Pete Crowther. See the press release here for full info.

Mark it on your calendar: April 27-30, 2017 at the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, CA.

See you there!

Announcing: Broadleaf Writers Association

I am excited to announce the arrival of a new organization dedicated to helping writers write — the Broadleaf Writers Association! Go to the BWA website for more information. I’ve got skin in the game here, since I’m helping out on the board of directors as we launch this group and prepare for our first writers conference in September, 2016. Save the date – September 24-25 – and please join us then! Until then, happy writing!

The Siege of Atlanta 2015

I’ll be doing a writing panel once again at SIEGE (Southern Interactive Entertainment & Gaming Expo). The conference is October 8-11, at the Marriott NW Atlanta Galleria, in Atlanta, GA. Check out

Writing for Games

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM, Saturday
Salon D & E
Speakers: Warren Spector, Paul Jenkins, Bill Bridges, Michelle Menard
Description: You’ve heard the fancy words — “Narrative Design,” “Content Designer” — but what do they mean? How does one write using visuals, sounds, and actions rather than words? From cut-scene cinematics to NPC quest dialogue to world lore journals to level design and more, content designers discuss the indispensable role of storytellers and worldbuilding in an interactive medium.