Being There

Below is a list of my planned appearances. See you there?



March 1-4, Biltmore Hotel, Providence RI

The Horror Writers Association’s annual convention.

Come watch a live tabletop session of Call of Cthulhu, run by me. I ran a Werewolf game at last year’s StokerCon with a host of incredible writers as the players. This time, in honor of our locale, we’re going Lovecraftian. 

Word Games: Writing Fiction vs. Games (Moderator: Danielle DeLisle)
How do writing fiction and writing games differ? How are they the same? Map out the Venn diagram of game writing with our panelists.

The Doom That Came to Providence: Call of Cthulhu Live RPG (Moderator: Bill Bridges)
10:00 am FRIDAY
Bill Bridges leads a brave group of Stoker Con panelists through a live tabletop RPG game of Call of Cthulhu. Something’s not right in Providence! Can the players solve the mystery before they all go stark-raving mad?

Roll Initiative: Horror Gaming for the Brave (Moderator: Danielle DeLisle)
1:00 pm FRIDAY
Want to try horror gaming but don’t know where to start? This is the panel for you! Find out what types of games are out there and which ones are best for beginners.

Gen Con

August 2-5, Indianapolis IN

Showing off sneak peaks of the forthcoming Fading Suns 4th edition RPG.

Dragon Con 

September 1-4, downtown Atlanta GA

I’ll be an Attending Pro again this year.

Broadleaf Writers Conference

September 22-23, Decatur Library, Decatur, Georgia

The 3rd annual conference! If you’re a writer or want to be a writer, this is your gig.

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