The Siege of Atlanta 2015


I’ll be doing a writing panel once again at SIEGE (Southern Interactive Entertainment & Gaming Expo). The conference is October 8-11, at the Marriott NW Atlanta Galleria, in Atlanta, GA. Check out

Writing for Games

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM, Saturday
Salon D & E
Speakers: Warren Spector, Paul Jenkins, Bill Bridges, Michelle Menard
Description: You’ve heard the fancy words — “Narrative Design,” “Content Designer” — but what do they mean? How does one write using visuals, sounds, and actions rather than words? From cut-scene cinematics to NPC quest dialogue to world lore journals to level design and more, content designers discuss the indispensable role of storytellers and worldbuilding in an interactive medium.

Intellectual Property in Gaming panel


Join me April 14 at the Atlanta Media Campus for a panel on Intellectual Property (IP) in gaming. This is part of the Georgia Game Developers Association (GGDA) meeting, a great place to meet game devs and find out more about who’s making games in Georgia.

I’ll be joined on the panel by Paul Jenkins and Spencer Reeve. More details and driving directions here.

Networking begins at 6pm. The panel is at 7pm until 8pm, after which there’ll be another chance to network and hang out with game makers.