James A. Moore’s Dangerous Toys


Are you going to be at StokerCon? Come see my live-play RPG session with an incredible group of players/writers — all in remembrance of James A. Moore! Saturday at noon! Here’s the description:

Come watch your fellow StokerCon guests play the KIDS ON BIKES rpg in remembrance of James A. Moore! Jim contributed many horrors to White Wolf’s World of Darkness game lines, including a number of gruesome creations for Werewolf: the Apocalypse. In this live-play game, our players will encounter a few of the sinister children’s toys from Jim’s imagination, as brought to you by the geniuses at the Pentex Corporation. It’s 1993, there are no cell phones, grunge rock is on the radio, and school’s out — time to ride bikes and investigate the strange goings-on in your neighborhood.



I want to tell about an event coming up in March (22nd and 23rd) that is important to me (I am helping to organize it). The Atlanta Jung Society will host Robert Walter and Bradley Olson in a conversation (Friday night) and a “playshop” (Saturday) on the topic of Mythogenesis. Please check out this link for full information and registration.

The Friday conversation (Mar 22, 7:30pm) will be available online and in-person (at The Link Counseling Center near Atlanta), so anyone anywhere can attend. It will be recorded for later viewing, in case you can’t make it that night (but you do need to register before 7:30pm that night).

Saturday is game day! We’ll play Bob’s game, D-PiCT™: The Game of Mythogenesis. This is in-person only — participatory. So if you’re in the Atlanta area, please join us! (Or book your flight now!)

I always love talking with Bob. You can see me blathering on this keynote panel with him at the SIEGE game conference a while back. (Also includes Andrew and Dan Greenberg.) Who is Bob? He was Joseph Campbell’s friend, editor, and literary executor, and the co-founder of the Joseph Campbell Foundation. I had the pleasure of working with him in 2004 and 2006 on the Mythic Journeys Conferences.