Fading Suns

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Fading Suns 4th edition is now available! There are already a host of related books, cards, starship deck plans, dice, tokens, and other products. Check out the full list here at Ulisses’ official site: https://ulisses-us.com/games/fadingsuns/

Where can you get Fading Suns?

The products are available in the U.S. through Studio 2. They service a number of domestic distributors that sell to your local game and comic shop. Just ask you local store to check with their game distributor or Studio 2. You can also order online through the Ulisses shop (at the link above) or through amazon.

News and social media

You can keep current with news about Fading Suns at the following places:

Facebook (official): https://www.facebook.com/FadingSuns

Facebook (fan group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/14310363049

Twitter (official): https://twitter.com/FadingSuns

Discord (official): Look for the Ulisses Spiele server and the English Game Lines # Fading Suns channel.