What’s up


Time for an update about what’s happening with me:

FADING SUNS: The crowdfunding for the New Frontiers wave of products wrapped up in late August, but there will be a LATE PLEDGE opening soonish. I’ll post updates in all the usual places when that opens up. If you missed the initial campaign, definitely get on board here — there’s lots of good stuff. You can check them out here.

THE APOCALYPTIC RECORD: Now on Kickstarter! This looks to be the final Werewolf 20th-Anniversary Edition sourcebook. I’ve got a few chapters in here (one of them with ol’ Albrecht), so if you’re a good garou (or even a bad one), consider pledging.

BLACKBIRDS: Now on Kickstarter! This new RPG has a lot of talented people behind it, and I don’t mean me even though I wrote a few chapters, so check it out. This looks like a campaign you’ll kick yourself about for not pledging once the products start rolling out.

And finally…

CAPCLAVE: I’ll be attending this classic sci-fi convention near Washington DC this coming weekend (Oct 1-3). I’m just an attendee, but if you’re there, say hi if you see me. Other Fading Suns/World of Darkness writers might drop by too.

All FADING SUNS All the Time


Big news about Fading Suns:

• You can now purchase the physical books from the first Kickstarter wave at the Ulisses store!

• The digital PDFs are available at DriveThruRPG!

• The crowdfunding for the new wave of books and products is now LIVE until August 18th: check out New Frontiers!

• You can now publish your own Fading Suns materials for the Company of the Phoenix community content program!

There so much more going on, too — livestream games, panels, etc. Check out the Facebook Fading Suns group and Twitter page for updates.

New Frontiers Opening Soon!


This is an exciting week for me. Months of work finally coming to fruition: the #FadingSuns New Frontiers crowdfunding starts this month (UPDATE: 7/28/21) from Ulisses! Here is the first of many previews we’ll be rolling out. The theme for this wave of products is the Vuldrok and exploration. I hope you’ll join us on this journey! https://ulisses-us.com/fading-suns-new-frontiers-vuldrok-space-preview/

Fading Suns New Frontiers — crowdfunding starts 7/12/21 on GameOnTabletop