Self-Publishing Seminar


I’ll be one of the panelists tomorrow at this event. Please come out!

June 7th

Self-Publishing Seminar
Decatur Library Auditorium
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
The Georgia Center for the Book is proud to announce a brand new writing program, focusing on the mechanics, process, and the potential of self-publication. Traversing the labyrinth of print vs. ebook in self-publication can be as trying and exhausting as attempting to market and publicize your work in the electronic age of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media outlets. To assist you in your efforts, we are pleased to welcome Barbara Friend Ish, Bill Bridges, S.R. Johannes, and Collin Kelley to answer your questions and offer insight on what to do with your treasured manuscript. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain from their experience, and to steer your manuscript in the proper direction.

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