The Horror…the World Horror Convention…


I’ll be at the World Horror Convention here in Atlanta on May 7-10 at the Marriott Marque. That hotel will be familiar to Dragon Con attendees.

This is my first World Horror in many years. I used to go routinely when I worked for White Wolf and we had a healthy fiction publishing department, but for the last few years I’ve missed it due to more involvement in the computer gaming world, and life issues. I’m glad it’s in Atlanta this year, which is the only thing allowing me to attend.

I’m curious just how many old timers who I knew in the ’90s will be there. I recognize some names on the attendees list, but there’s a whole lot of other names that I don’t know — yet. I hope to get to know some of them.

If anybody reading this is also going and has any advice on what to do this year, lemme know.

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